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"With its advanced approach, the Dagger marks a milestone for us".

The introduction of the Dagger model represents a strategic step forward in the evolution of Brough Superior. The brand’s General Manager, Albert Castaigne, explains the many areas of work that have gone into the Dagger project.

How does the new Dagger mark a new and important step in the development of Brough Superior ?
First of all, it’s our first Euro5 bike, which is a decisive step in our evolution, with a two-in-one exhaust system and an exhaust valve that optimise the heating of the catalytic converter, and therefore the pollution control... It’s also the first Brough Superior that breaks free from all the retro design codes. In other words, we are no longer dealing with chrome, conical exhausts and other references to pre-war motorbikes. Everything has been treated in a modern way, the line is completely revised with the two-in-one, the shoe that swings the bike forward. The rims are sleeker, the mudguards are sharper, sportier and no longer have a ridge or receptacle for the enamel emblem. We really decided from the start to design a modern motorbike, which is in line with today’s production. We really wanted to have this offer that was almost competitive with that of other brands and we saw the merits of it, since the response of the market was very clear, with a widening of our target. We have customers who are not really into retro, and who are usually interested in beautiful Italian cars, who came to us after seeing the Dagger. They want to switch to Brough Superior because they have a product that matches what they are looking for in terms of quality and exception.

How is this Dagger model still a Brough Superior ?
It keeps the typical geometry with the famous Fior fork, the titanium frame and other noble parts. All the trim pieces have been redesigned and made of carbon with a satin finish. This bike is still an exceptional handmade bike, we keep our position obviously. The rims are for the first time both 17 inches, but they keep a very elaborate design, especially the rear one with the doubled "y", quite beautiful to see. This rim is also incredibly light with those thin spokes. Each element, taken separately, is beautiful when you put it in front of you This is the trademark of Brough Superior.

Do the dynamic qualities also take a step forward ?
Absolutely, because we have made the geometry more playful with the famous 17" rims, which give the bike better handling, especially as we have lowered the centre of gravity. The cooling system has also been improved for better performance. In fact, the radiator developed for the Aston Martin AMB 001 Pro has been used, which allows the bike to run better in certain conditions. The ground clearance has also been improved, to allow for a real sporty ride. And going back to the Euro5 platform that the Dagger is part of, it also allows us to have a slightly wider range of engine speeds. This means that you can have a closed valve for low revs and open it wide for full load. We have also redesigned the airbox, which has gained in volume... The development is not yet complete, but we expect to have an even better performing and fuller bike, even in the homologated version.

L’univers 100% passion de la marque Brough Superior

Bien qu’un siècle se soit écoulé entre la première installation de George Brough à Nottingham en Angleterre, et la renaissance de la marque à Toulouse en France, Brough Superior honore la même philosophie qu’en 1919 : produire des motos d’exception, peu importe le coût et l’effort. Désormais 100% françaises, les motos de luxe perpétuent l’héritage britannique de la marque ! En alliant design intemporel, un moteur propriétaire exclusif et technologies modernes, Brough révolutionne l’industrie de la moto de luxe.

Luxe mécanique à la française pour motos d’exception

Véritables Maîtres du détail et héritiers de nombreux savoirs-faire, nos artisans opèrent des finitions et réglages sur-mesure, pour que votre satisfaction soit totale, et votre plaisir à son comble. Expert de la moto de luxe sur-mesure, Brough Superior s’assume comme le constructeur ultime pour les passionnés d’engins de prestige. Aucun détail n’est laissé au hasard pour aboutir à des joyaux motorisés uniques, entièrement adaptés à leurs pilotes.



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