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Brough Superior high-end French motorcycles

Excellence cannot be bought; it must be passed on! Brough Superior has set the standard for luxury motorcycles since 1919 and it’s been continually raising the bar ever since. Handcrafted custom treatment from fender to fender, mechanical innovation and outstanding performance have made Brough Superior an iconic motorcycle brand in a class of its own. Brough Superior reached its legendary status with Lawrence of Arabia and the great record-breaking racers. These luxurious motorcycles forged their own history on iconic racetracks and in the lush green rolling hills of the British countryside.

Since its rebirth as a 100% French-made motorcycle company, Brough Superior has drawn from its century-old savoir-faire and inspiration to invent high-end French motorcycles that are manufactured with passion and authenticity by the best engineers, motorists, painters, welders, machinists and other skilled craftsmen. A machine born from an icon of yesteryear that broke world records for the fastest motorcycle in the world during the 1930s has evolved in the heart of the company’s workshops based in Toulouse, France into an instrument of expression, delivering dynamism and superior character for the riders of today.

Beyond purchasing a high-end French motorcycle that is hand-crafted and tailor-made, you are investing in a collector’s item and treating yourself to a piece of the legend...

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Aston Martin and Brough Superior: High-end track motorcycles

The AMB 001 is a true masterpiece crafted in Brough Superior’s French workshops. Aston Martin’s legendary design was combined with Brough Superior’s state-of-the-art engineering to create the AMB 001. This high-end motorcycle was released in a limited edition of 100 lavish machines; a track-only racer designed for the most discerning luxury motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Brough Superior’s undying passion

Although a century has passed between the creation of George Brough’s first manufacturing facility in Nottingham, England and the rebirth of the brand in Toulouse, France, Brough Superior honors the same philosophy that was established in 1919: to produce exceptional high-end motorcycles, no matter the expense or endeavor. Now 100% French, each luxury motorcycle embodies the brand’s British heritage! By combining timeless design, an exclusive custom engine and modern technology, Brough is revolutionizing the industry of high-end motorcycles.


Luxurious motorcycles born from high-end French engineering

Our craftsmen are true masters of detail and heirs to a wealth of century-old knowledge, providing exclusive custom designs executed to a level of intricate quality that is unmatched, bringing Brough owners an unparalleled touring experience. As an expert in custom-made high-end motorcycles, Brough Superior is the ultimate manufacturer for enthusiasts of prestigious machines. Each detail is carefully crafted to create unique motorized gems, entirely customized for their riders.



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