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Custom motorcycles: Brough Superior’s bespoke process

The artisans employed at Brough Superior’s workshop in Toulouse, France, handcraft our bespoke motorcycles. Each Brough becomes a true work of art during our bespoke design process that allows future owners a chance to work with our team to discuss a myriad of options – from engine tuning to the color of the thread used on the seat, each detail is perfectly tailored to its owner. From fender to fender, each piece of your state-of-the art machine is adjustable to ensure that the bespoke motorcycle that leaves our workshop conforms to your every desire.

Brough Superior: experts in crafting custom motorcycles

Masters of detail

Thanks to its exclusive clientele, Brough Superior has become an expert in bespoke motorcycles. Our passion is to design motorized jewels that are completely customized and tailored to their riders. That’s why we offer a wide variety of services to make your Brough Superior motorcycle unique.

Your needs are our priority

Our team works closely with each future Brough owner to discuss their riding style and needs in order to ensure that their motorcycle meets all of their specifications.

Custom design your very own bespoke Brough motorcycle

There’s no detail we leave to chance. We ensure that each Brough is unique by employing expert artisans tasked with specific roles from custom painting, installing rare materials, engraving, custom motorcycle upholstery and much more. We are inspired by the design of your dream motorcycle.

Since George Brough founded the brand in England, Brough Superior has never ceased to create exceptional collector’s motorcycles. These high-end French-made motorcycles excel thanks to their extraordinary mechanical performance and their unparalleled aesthetic, marked by luxury and adventure.
Brough Superior’s undying passion

Although a century has passed between the creation of George Brough’s first manufacturing facility in Nottingham, England and the rebirth of the brand in Toulouse, France, Brough Superior honors the same philosophy that was established in 1919: to produce exceptional high-end motorcycles, no matter the expense or endeavor. Now 100% French, each luxury motorcycle embodies the brand’s British heritage! By combining timeless design, an exclusive custom engine and modern technology, Brough is revolutionizing the industry of high-end motorcycles.

Luxurious motorcycles born from high-end French engineering

Our craftsmen are true masters of detail and heirs to a wealth of century-old knowledge, providing exclusive custom designs executed to a level of intricate quality that is unmatched, bringing Brough owners an unparalleled touring experience. As an expert in custom-made high-end motorcycles, Brough Superior is the ultimate manufacturer for enthusiasts of prestigious machines. Each detail is carefully crafted to create unique motorized gems, entirely customized for their riders.



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