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Brough Superior: A British Brand of Elite Motorcycles

Brough Superior’s elite motorcycles are handcrafted to create a unique blend of luxury, adventure and passion. Before becoming French, the motorcycle brand was English. The expert hands of French craftsmen brought about the rebirth of this cult British brand. Brough Superior was founded in 1919 by the famous Gentleman Racer George Brough. The British motorcycle brand immediately lived up to the avant-garde spirit of Nottingham, its birthplace. Ridden by great adventurers and record-breakers, Brough Superior’s British motorcycles quickly became legendary for their unparalleled design quality.

Brough Superior’s Renaissance from a legendary British Brand to elite motorcycles made in France

The legendary British brand that made history

The British motorcycle brand Brough Superior was forced to stop production of its elite motorcycles during the Second World War, closing its doors for 75 years. During these decades of absence, the Brough Superior brand became increasingly iconic. Its motorcycles became highly sought after by collectors such as Steve McQueen and Jay Leno, skyrocketing their prices at auctions of rare vehicles. The English brand of elite motorcycles has never ceased to thrill the hearts of individuals that are passionate about prestigious machines.

Even though the brand is no longer British, the motorcycles are still elite!

A legacy of excellence

In 2013, Thierry Henriette – a French industrialist and seasoned creator of elite motorcycles who collaborated with the greatest international motorcycle brands - took over the reins at this prestigious House. Henriette’s mission was to maintain George Brough’s vision of producing elite motorcycles while infusing the classic British motorcycle designs with innovative technologies. Every detail is carefully designed to offer you the most immersive riding experience. Particular care is taken in the choice of materials - titanium, aerospace alloys, carbon structural steel – while perpetuating George Brough’s devotion to advanced engineering.

Timeless design, a patented engine and modern technology

Today, Brough Superior is on a mission to revisit its heritage while redefining the balance between power and refinement with a collection of limited-edition motorcycles that are the epitome of exclusivity and distinction. The engineers and craftsmen who design and build today’s Broughs have been hand-picked. It is no accident that the brand’s headquarters are located in Toulouse, a region of France that is known for its world-famous aeronautics industry.

A 100% French Company

Brough Superior set up its new headquarters in Toulouse a century after it was originally established in Nottingham, yet it continues to uphold the brand philosophy that the company was founded upon in 1919: producing exceptional motorcycles, no matter the expense or the endeavor. Thierry Henriette and Albert Castaigne - accompanied by their team of dedicated craftsmen - have managed to revive the iconic British brand on French soil, creating new models of exceptional motorcycles worthy of George Brough’s legacy. The best French artisans in the world of luxury and talented engineers have teamed together to bring Brough Superior’s legendary expert knowledge of yesteryear to cater to the riders of today by carefully handcrafting new models that are true instruments of expression and precision.

Brough Superior is revolutionizing the industry of elite motorcycles with legendary creations, particularly sought after by collectors such as Steve McQueen and Jay Leno. An investment piece par excellence designed for the most passionate riders. These unique machines are breaking records at auctions for exceptional collector’s vehicles.
Brough Superior’s undying passion

Although a century has passed between the creation of George Brough’s first manufacturing facility in Nottingham, England and the rebirth of the brand in Toulouse, France, Brough Superior honors the same philosophy that was established in 1919: to produce exceptional high-end motorcycles, no matter the expense or endeavor. Now 100% French, each luxury motorcycle embodies the brand’s British heritage! By combining timeless design, an exclusive custom engine and modern technology, Brough is revolutionizing the industry of high-end motorcycles.

Luxurious motorcycles born from high-end French engineering

Our craftsmen are true masters of detail and heirs to a wealth of century-old knowledge, providing exclusive custom designs executed to a level of intricate quality that is unmatched, bringing Brough owners an unparalleled touring experience. As an expert in custom-made high-end motorcycles, Brough Superior is the ultimate manufacturer for enthusiasts of prestigious machines. Each detail is carefully crafted to create unique motorized gems, entirely customized for their riders.



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