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Brough Superior: One of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

The fact that Brough Superior continues to create some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world is not due to chance. Thierry Henriette is at the helm of a passionate team that carefully handcrafts each bespoke motorcycle that leaves their workshop located in the South of France. Over 100 years after George Brough founded the original company, this team of experts continues to perpetuate the brand’s legendary heritage by manufacturing extraordinary machines that are worthy of being your dream motorcycle.

From Nottingham to Toulouse: The French aeronautics hub

Making dreams come true by creating the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

Superior craftsmanship

The torch has been passed on from George Brough’s original headquarters based in Nottingham, England to the team of craftsmen who operate this luxury motorcycle brand’s workshops, now located in Toulouse, France. Each of the passionate and dedicated team members is carefully hand-picked to ensure that Brough Superior’s spirit thrives and evolves. As the heirs of a prestigious past steeped in engineering excellence, superior craftsmanship continues to govern every step of production, from brainstorming designs to the bespoke customization process and the final handcrafted production stages. This team of the best engineers and artisans in their fields was assembled in order to propel this iconic company into the present decade while upholding George Brough’s legacy.

A highly exigent recruiting process

From the moment Brough Superior was reborn on French soil, the brand strove to preserve the intrinsic characteristics that brought the brand its legendary status. Its relaunch anchored Brough’s time-tested core philosophy and was fortified by state-of-the-art materials and design concepts. Relocating the brand to the French region of Toulouse was a vital and strategic step in this renaissance. From the CEO’s office to the warehouses and workshops, each stage of the design and manufacturing process is subject to the utmost care and attention. Just imagine the level of skill required to handpick the members of the teams that are working to build your future Brough!

"We share in your passion for true gems of engineering, we are here to listen to you and we would like you to get to know our incredible team!"

Thierry Henriette: A motorcycle devotee and lover of beautiful machines

Making a living from his passion: A life-long goal

Thierry Henriette’s father put him on a motorcycle saddle for the very first time at the early age of 14. One night when he was out for a ride, he felt the true feeling of exhilaration and freedom that only a motorcycle can give you. From that moment on, his passion for this strange machine has endured – a machine that cannot even stand on its own yet has the capacity to throttle you at unimaginable speeds towards unknown adventures. This passion has turned into a profession and a livelihood. Thierry started his professional career as an apprentice at a BMW dealership then became an agent for a Japanese motor brand. In collaboration with his father Robert and brother Philippe, Thierry set up his first business before becoming a dealer for various Japanese and European brands.

Boxer Design: A design and engineering firm

After several long years of experience in the field, Albert Castaigne and Thierry created Boxer Design. For fifteen years, this design and engineering firm allowed them to gain indispensable experience and expert knowledge as they worked in collaboration with some of the largest motorcycle manufacturers. Then, one day, Thierry’s unthinkable goal came to fruition: becoming the manufacturer of one of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world with an engine that he had designed at the heart of the blueprint.

Brough Superior’s French Renaissance

Brough Superior’s takeover and ensuing renaissance allowed Thierry and his team to create a collection of unique and technically efficient dream inducing motorcycles. The new Brough Superior motorcycles are a beautiful tribute to this prestigious brand that has such a rich history. This extraordinary adventure, which would have delighted any entrepreneur, has rebounded in a completely unexpected manner, allowing Brough to remain in the ranks with the most beautiful motorcycles in the world.

It takes a solid team to create some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

Management, administration and sales

The Brough spirit is perpetuated thanks to the brand’s administrative team. These are also the team members that will guide you through the collaborative process of tailoring and customizing the bespoke motorcycle of your dreams. Attentive and caring, they are the pillars of our customer relations department. At Brough Superior, listening is our customer service’s guiding principle.

“We will stay by your side for as long as you need us - before, during and after you purchase your motorcycle.”

Designers and Engineers

The engineers provide designers with ideas and blueprints that contain the structural elements necessary for a successful design. These ideas germinate in the designer’s mind and blossom in their hands before flowering into breathtaking 3D sketches and drawings. With the ambition of creating the most beautiful motorcycles in the world, the engineers translate these blueprints into physical designs. This collaborative process results in the birth of extraordinary machines, perfectly tailored and ergonomically fit to each owner. Collectively, the designers and engineers work in symbiosis to bring motorcycles of unparalleled beauty and advanced technology to life.

Boilermaker, welder and polisher

Every step counts

To go from dream to reality, several steps are necessary after diagrams and drawings are made. After the design is fully cemented, the manufacturing process can begin. At Brough, everything is handmade, which is why our boilermakers, welders and polishers are absolutely essential. It is in their capable hands that the precious, innovative parts are prepped for implementation. Our boilermaker traces, cuts, folds and assembles various components before putting them in the welder’s hands.

Creating the means to build the most beautiful motorcycles in the world

The welder assembles these parts after meticulously degreasing and cleaning them. Once this step is completed, he entrusts these welded parts to the polisher. Our polisher is a master of perfection, carefully passing each visible and non-visible part of the motorcycle though rigorous quality control checks.

Bodywork and painter

Once the different parts of the motorcycle have been prepared, the adventure continues: the frame must be built. This is where our body workman comes in. He is the artist in charge of painting the final touches on your Brough, bringing the colors of your dream motorcycle to life. Under his hands, your Brough Superior, customized from fender to fender, becomes a true masterpiece – in your eyes, it’s the most beautiful motorcycle in the world.

Motorcycle assembler, mechanic and motorist

These are the magicians of assembly and technology. From the design to the production process, Brough Superior’s expert knowledge is present at each step. We accept nothing less than the finest artisans in the industry with the highest level of training. This is where the heart, passion and power of a Brough are embedded in your bespoke dream motorcycle. Every part of your Brough Superior proudly bears the signature of the craftsman who designed it.

Production manager, warehouse manager and quality control agent

Production and warehouse managers are involved in every step, in order to control and ensure the quality of every dream motorcycle we build. The materials used at Brough Superior meet the highest technological and aesthetic standards, ensuring a state-of-the-art final product. Only the best production and warehouse managers can ensure this level of attention.

"Respecting the materials and their quality means respecting the final product as well as the Brough Superior customer. Our entire team is founded on our talent, our love for the brand and our commitment to providing outstanding service that will satisfy your every need."

It’s thanks to each member of our team’s expert knowledge, high standards and exceptional dedication that allows each Brough Superior that leaves our workshops to be ranked among the most beautiful motorcycles in the world – each a unique gem capable of embodying the motorcycle of your dreams. A collective success that cannot exclude George Brough and his predecessors, without whom, none of this would have been possible.
Brough Superior’s undying passion

Although a century has passed between the creation of George Brough’s first manufacturing facility in Nottingham, England and the rebirth of the brand in Toulouse, France, Brough Superior honors the same philosophy that was established in 1919: to produce exceptional high-end motorcycles, no matter the expense or endeavor. Now 100% French, each luxury motorcycle embodies the brand’s British heritage! By combining timeless design, an exclusive custom engine and modern technology, Brough is revolutionizing the industry of high-end motorcycles.

Luxurious motorcycles born from high-end French engineering

Our craftsmen are true masters of detail and heirs to a wealth of century-old knowledge, providing exclusive custom designs executed to a level of intricate quality that is unmatched, bringing Brough owners an unparalleled touring experience. As an expert in custom-made high-end motorcycles, Brough Superior is the ultimate manufacturer for enthusiasts of prestigious machines. Each detail is carefully crafted to create unique motorized gems, entirely customized for their riders.



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