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1 Sep 2022

Brough Superior Sidecar Motorcycle: Lawrence Leaping Lena

Based on the Lawrence model, the Leaping Lena sidecar is a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that was custom-built for a Brough devotee in the southwest of France. "Its aerodynamic torpedo-shape makes it look like a zeppelin," stated Albert Castaigne, Brough Superior’s director. He also pointed out that this feature stayed true to the brand’s history: "A third of the Brough Superior models produced before the war had sidecars and they were often used to transport a family because the engines were good at towing."

Brough Superior Presents the Lawrence Leaping Lena Sidecar Motorcycle

In 1932, an Australian by the name of Alan Bruce set a record in Vienna, becoming the first man to break the 200 km/h speed record for sidecar motorcycles. He was driving a Brough Superior sidecar with a 1000 JAP engine named Leaping Lena. The sidecar was fitted with a 65 kg ballast in lieu of a passenger. In fact, this modern version of the Brough Superior sidecar draws influence from the 1930s. Remy Lavernhe - designer at the brand’s Toulouse-based headquarters - was inspired by the Belle Epoque style and drafted the sidecar with an elegant Art Deco silhouette. His blueprints were then passed on to Eric, our "metal and welding wizard," who brought the design to fruition with a titanium subframe and a body structure made of aluminum sheets. It took more than 120 hours to create this bespoke race-inspired and refined sidecar - a perfect aesthetic expression of its owner, who came to Toulouse to give his stamp of approval on the project.

Brough Superior’s undying passion

Although a century has passed between the creation of George Brough’s first manufacturing facility in Nottingham, England and the rebirth of the brand in Toulouse, France, Brough Superior honors the same philosophy that was established in 1919: to produce exceptional high-end motorcycles, no matter the expense or endeavor. Now 100% French, each luxury motorcycle embodies the brand’s British heritage! By combining timeless design, an exclusive custom engine and modern technology, Brough is revolutionizing the industry of high-end motorcycles.

Luxurious motorcycles born from high-end French engineering

Our craftsmen are true masters of detail and heirs to a wealth of century-old knowledge, providing exclusive custom designs executed to a level of intricate quality that is unmatched, bringing Brough owners an unparalleled touring experience. As an expert in custom-made high-end motorcycles, Brough Superior is the ultimate manufacturer for enthusiasts of prestigious machines. Each detail is carefully crafted to create unique motorized gems, entirely customized for their riders.



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